March 31, 2012

Namibia and Angola strengthen collaboration on infrastructure

Angola and Namibia have signed a memorandum of understanding in order to guarantee the supply of water to Cunene, an Angolan province with a population of more than 230.000 inhabitants. The agreement also establishes the common use of the waters from Cunene River that marks the border between both countries. It was signed by the Angolan minister of Energy and Waters, Joao Baptista Borges, and the minister of Agriculture, Water and Forest from Namibia, Jony Mutouwa. The officials from both States also agreed on the need to rehabilitate infrastructures of Calueque and Ruacana docks.
As part of the Development Community in Southern Africa, the two countries also strengthen collaboration in the energy sector. Several southern Angolan cities like Ondjiva, Namacunde and the bordering Santa Clara receive electric power from Onuno station in Namibia, an achievement backed up by a borders cooperation agreement. (Sadocc)


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