March 30, 2012

Government to take over Mulungushi Textiles / Sata woos locals in disapora

Government will soon acquire 100 per cent shares in the Zambia-China Mulungushi Textiles in Kabwe, after the Chinese government indicated it is no longer interested to run the troubled company. Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister Robert Sichinga said the Government was ready to take over the shares in Mulungushi Textiles as soon as all the arrangements were finalised. Mr Sichinga disclosed that the Chinese government was no longer interested in running the company and that the Zambian Government was working towards taking over all the shares in the textile firm.

Kabwe Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) president Sydney Tembo said the demise of Zambia-China Mulungushi Textiles had caused direct and indirect job losses affecting mainly cotton farmers who derived a livelihood from the company. He said that the chamber was greatly concerned about the closure of the company and was optimistic that the government would quickly address the issue. According to him there was need for Kabwe town to develop its own agenda in order for the economy to move forward and that, the government and industries need to work together to address the issue of infrastructure. He pleaded with the minister to lobby his fellow ministers charged with the provision of facilities to do their part as the availability of suitable infrastructure would make the town even more attractive for investment.

Mr Sichinga however, said the Government was working towards reducing the challenges Kabwe town was facing following the closure of industries such as the Zambia -China Mulungushi Textiles. The minister who held meetings with the business community organised by the Kabwe Chamber, said Government had committed itself to developing not only Kabwe alone, but the country as whole. And he said the Government was reorganising the Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission and that the suspension of its operations was meant to serve the interest of citizens, especially small scale entrepreneurs.

In the meantime, President Michael Sata has urged Zambians living abroad to return home and help develop the country in various sectors. The President said in Botswana if Zambians did not return home, foreigners would be employed to help develop the country because "the development process is not going to wait for anyone." He said Zambia had educated a lot of her people who had left to work in other countries where they were contributing to the development processes at the expense of their own. He added that Zambia had trained many doctors, nurses, teachers and other professionals who had not contributed to the welfare of their own country. Zambia needed all the ideas and expertise in order to enhance development, the president stressed. (Times of Zambia)


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