April 25, 2012

Guebuza rejects standing for a third term

Mozambican President Armando Guebuza has publicly dismissed any attempt to alter the country's constitution to allow him to stand for a third five year term of office. He was speaking at a mass rally at Lioma, in Gurue district, as he continued his "open and inclusive presidency" in the central province of Zambezia. Some people in Lioma publicly declared that they would back Guebuza if he decided he wanted a third term of office - but the President warned "it's not worth thinking like that. It's a waste of time". There were other "children of the motherland", he said, "who will come and will do their best for all of us".

Guebuza's second term of office ends in 2014. He promised that he would do all in his power to assist his successor. "As a citizen, I will help", he pledged.
But he insisted that he did not favour changing the laws or the constitution to defend individual interests to the detriment of those of the nation. (AIM)


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