May 10, 2012

Sata accuses Western diplomats of meddling

Zambian President Michael Sata criticised European diplomats who met this week with opposition groups, accusing them of meddling in domestic matters. "When we find that our colleagues are interfering in the internal affairs of Zambia, we take strong exception. When diplomats start entertaining opposition.... We don‘t do it in Europe, why should they do it here?" Sata said, according to state radio.

Opposition leaders had expressed concern over Sata's decision to appoint Malawian judge Lovemore Chikopa to head a tribunal set up to investigate the conduct of three local judges suspended for alleged professional misconduct. The two sides reportedly discussed the suspension of three Zambian judges accused of mishandling court cases. The groups want the judges reinstated. Foreign diplomats have also been meeting some leaders from the remote Barotseland region that is seeking secession from Zambia.

Sata promised to weed out corruption. While he has fired top officials suspected of graft, the opposition charges that Sata‘s administration is unfairly targeting its leaders. (Sunday Times)


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