Namibia in a ‘social crisis’

Namibia finds itself in a social crisis, Veronica de Klerk, the executive director of the Women’s Action for Development (WAD), said yesterday.
De Klerk said this after hearing of at least five rapes and one attempted rape that were reported to the police during the first week of 2013 alone. Those were only cases reported to the police. She said parents are to blame for “such despicable things”. De Klerk said: “As far as I am concerned, you have to search for the answers at the parental home which has failed society.” Because of poverty, many parents chase money instead of investing in their children, she said. “A lot has to be done to sensitise parents to return to norms and values.” According to her, unemployment is also a great contributing factor. “Rape is a power game. It is extremely sad. It’s really horrific to hear about these things. We are in a social crisis.” She called on societal leaders “to work together to root out these terrible atrocities”.

On January 2 at about 01h30, a 36-year-old suspect allegedly tried to rape a 30 year old complainant. The incident took place at Farm Langverwag in the Kamanjab district.
According to the Namibian Police’s Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi, the suspect threatened to kill the woman. He allegedly also said that he would set her remains alight.
Although the suspect sat on the woman dressed only in his underpants, he did not rape her and left the scene. A case of attempted rape is being investigated. On December 31, three men allegedly gave a 15-year-old girl a lift in the Mavanze village near Rundu in the Kavango Region. In the bushes near Mavanze School, one of the men allegedly raped her, Kanguatjivi said. He said the suspect was still at large. “The police investigation continues.” On January 1, a six-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a man (42) at a farm near Grootfontein. Kanguatjivi says the girl followed the suspect – a cattle herder – into the veld “for an unknown reason”. He then allegedly raped her. The girl was taken to the Grootfontein State Hospital for treatment. The suspect was arrested.
At Outjo, the police are investigating a case of housebreaking with the intent to rape and rape.
On January 2, the suspect allegedly broke into the complainant’s house while she was asleep, assaulted and raped her. The suspect is 18 years old, while the complainant is 46 years old.
On December 31 at Leonardville in the Omaheke Region, an 18-year-old woman was allegedly threatened by two men with a knife. According to Kanguatjivi, she was then taken to a house where they raped her. The incident took place at 23h50. The suspects, both aged 19, were arrested.
On December 29, between 20h00 and 00h00, a 20-year-old woman was raped – allegedly by a 20-year-old man. Kanguatjivi says the incident took place at Kanaan Location at Gobabis.
The police officer says the complainant was visiting a bar when the suspect grabbed her by the hand and asked her to accompany him half-way to his house. While they were walking, he threatened her with a broken bottle and a knife, pulled her into bushes and raped her, Kanguatjivi says.
After this, he again threatened her with the knife, took her to a house and raped her again three times, he said. (The Namibian)


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