Constitutional Bill receives 100% Parly approval

All the 156 MPs who attended the third day of debate Zimbabwe Constitution Amendment No. 20 Bill voted for it. A two-thirds majority was what was required for the Bill to pass.
“The number of affirmative votes recorded 156 votes is not less than two thirds of the total membership of the house. I therefore declare the final votes in the house on the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment Number 20 Bill,HB 2 2013, to have been in accordance with the provisions of Subsection 3 of Section 52 of the constitution .The Clerk (of Parliament) will read the Bill for the third time,” Moyo said while announcing the results.
The draft constitution needed 140 affirmative votes to meet the two thirds requirement which it surpassed. Next week the Bill will be taken to the Senate before President Robert Mugabe signs it into the new supreme law of the country. If passed into law as expected, the new constitution will replace the 1979 Lancaster House Constitution that had been amended 19 times. (The Zimbabwean, Harare)


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