20. August 2017

ANC acts to remove Hanekom as disciplinary chair

The ANC has taken aim at MP and chairperson of its disciplinary committee Derek Hanekom.

Hanekom, who was tourism minister before losing his position in the Cabinet reshuffle in March, did not want to comment on a letter written to him by the ANC.

In the letter, Hanekom was given 10 days to show cause as to why he should not be removed as chairperson of the disciplinary committee.

Responding to News24, Hanekom said, "I have no comment. You might wish to ask the office of the SG [Secretary General] for comment, but as far as I am concerned, this is an internal ANC matter and I will not comment on it."

According to eNCA, ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe has given Hanekom 10 days to show why he should not be removed as chairperson of the disciplinary committee after he made public utterances.

In one of the tweets cited, Hanekom wrote: "dispel this notion of voting with the opposition. We just vote against state capture, massive looting and corruption. Vote for change."

Hanekom had earlier told News24 that only the party's national executive committee (NEC) can replace him as chairperson of the party's national disciplinary committee. "It is up to the NEC to decide who it wants to serve on, or convene any subcommittee," Hanekom told News24 on Friday. "The NEC can replace the whole disciplinary committee if it wants, but only the NEC can do that."

Mantashe cited Hanekom's tweets prior to the vote of no confidence as the reason for action against him: "...your public utterance detracted from the degree of independence expected of you. As a consequence, the independence and integrity of the office of the NDC [national disciplinary committee] has been placed in jeopardy and could legitimately be questioned by comrades who appear before this body in future," the latter reads. (News24, Johannesburg)


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