17. Dezember 2017

More delays expected on Day 2 of ANC national conference

While Preparations are underway for the second day of the crucial gathering, there are more expected delays to the programme.

Police, security and African National Congress (ANC) officials have clocked in for the morning shift to ensure everything is in place for today's schedule.

However, according to the party's initial program, the programme is about a day behind due to credential issues and should have been hearing the announcement of the new leadership today.

But proceedings were adjourned late last night and will only emerge at 9 am this morning.

Meanwhile, broadcasters have set up for day two of the conference and preparations are underway for the next Progressive Business Forum briefing this morning.

The ANC has admitted that the credentials acceptance process for conference is the reason why it’s adjourned proceedings from last night to this morning.

Baleka Mbete has confirmed credentials are not ready. “I think they’re still cleaning up the credentials and the reason we thought we should adjourn is to give a lot more time.”

She says the ANC needs more time to address disputes that have been raised about the credentials.

Meanwhile, Mbete has publicly endorsed Cyril Ramaphosa for the position of ANC president.

Mbete herself was also initially in the running for the top spot. She made the announcement after the adjournment of the first day of the party's 54th national conference on Saturday.

The plenary session at which the issue of credentials ahead of the nominations process was set to be discussed on Saturday night has been adjourned and will resume at 9am on Sunday. (Exewitness News)


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