12 October 2001

LESOTHO: Voting not finalised

In spite of all parties accepting a new electoral model Lesotho's parliament has yet to adopt legislation on the allocation of seats and voting procedures, news reports said on Friday.

Co-chairperson of the Interim Political Authority (IPA) Lekhetho Rakuoane was quoted as saying that a bill to amend the National Assembly elections had been submitted to the government to provide for modalities on seat allocations. The proposed legislation provided for a complex formula on the allocation of seats and also introduced a two vote system. In terms of the new system, voters would be handed two ballots at polling stations. One would depict the candidates and the other would list the political parties, Rakuoane said.

The allocation of part seats would be done in accordance with the proportional representation system, which is seen as more inclusive and participatory, reports said. Rakuoane said the proposed bill also provided for the publication of the detailed election timetable to be gazetted and the provision of ballot boxes (IRIN).


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