January 9, 2002

BOTSWANA: Mosadi Seboko approved Paramount Chief of the Balete

The Botswana Minister of Local Government, Dr Margaret Nasha, has approved the appointment of Kgosi Mosadi as paramount Chief of the Balete. Despite protests by traditionalists, Mosadi Seboko was appointed by her tribes-people, in December 2001, at a well attended kgotla meeting in Ramotswa, to succeed her late brother, Kgosi Seboko, as Paramount Chief. Following the approval of her appointment by Minister Nasha, Mosadi Seboko will become the first female Paramount Chief in the history of Botswana. Mosadi, who will be sworn in the House of Chiefs on January 28, has already taken up her official duties. Minister Nasha thanked the Balete "for being progressive and breaking tradition by allowing a woman to take the reigns of traditional power." She expressed the hope that other traditional communities will take a leaf from the Balete for agreeing to a woman assuming the position of Paramount Chief. (Botswana Gazette)


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